KScope16’s Unsung Heroes


Putting on a conference is a difficult task to say the least. Putting on a conference the size of #Kscope is no exception. Everyday there are crises that are averted, and at night we are all at dinners and networking events, there is a small crew dissecting the events of the day. As we rise just in time to rush down for breakfast, a team of people have been working tirelessly to make sure that yesterday’s challenges have been resolved.

Everything from the smooth conference check-in experience, to something seemingly as simple as making sure that the boards outside of the session rooms have the correct sessions listed all make the conference experience an enjoyable one for all our attendees.



YCC for your tireless nights leading up to the conference, the phenomenal work at the conference, and all the things large and small you did to help ensure that #Kscope16 was, as many attendees tweeted, “the best technical conference” out there.


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