Month: September 2014

#odtug, Oracle, User Group

I Am Running for The ODTUG Board of Directors

It’s official!  I have thrown my hat into the ring. I am running for a seat on the ODTUG Board of Directors. Why am I doing this? You need only read my post to understand. ODTUG has had the greatest impact on my Oracle professional career, and it is important that I find ways to give back. But why …


Oracle OpenWorld 2014: DBAonTap

Oracle OpenWorld 2014 is a few short weeks away.  After about 4 years of attending Open World, this year, I’ll be doing 2 sessions.  Get you run on Sunday at the Golden Gate then hit the Sunday Symposiums.  I’ll talking about Regular Expressions 101 (UGF9128).  For the brave at heart, or the stoopid, I’m not sure …