Month: December 2013

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AT&T Wireless Home Phone (Nothing to do with Oracle Stuff)

I was in the AT&T store recently helping my dad pick out a new iPhone when I came across the AT&T Wireless Home Phone system. It’s that little box right with the antennae (obviously I got one). Pros: it’s portable (I can take this device with me and connect to any regular phone), it can …

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Installing SQL Dev 4.0 (JRE 1.6 and JDK 1.7)

I’m in an environment where our 11i version of EBS (I know we need to upgrade) still requires JRE 1.6 to open Oracle Forms.  Being an SQL Developer fan (listen to my podcast here), I decided to download and install SQL Dev 4.0.  Anyone that’s been following this knows that the latest release requires JDK …