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Oracle Open World 2013 – Wrap up (#OOW13)

So if you know anything about me, you will know that I am always amp’d up when it’s time for Oracle Open World.  This year was quite a different experience for me.  In previous years, I found myself running all across the Conference Complex attending session after session.  This year however, I took a different …

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Oracle Open World 2013 Day One (Saturday)

Been so inspired by all the new connections and reconnections.  Great to meet you Yuri (sp), Vanessa, Dan and others.  Good to see you again +ORACLENERD , +Bobby Curtis , +Galo Balda-Andrade , #dbakevlar,  +Tim Gorman , +Kent Graziano , #monty_odtug, +Lauren Prezby , +Crystal Walton   et al.  Today was a good day!  Got into San Francisco in good fashion, and had the opportunity to share …