Error, OEM 12c

OEM 12c set_target_property_value error

I ran across this error today while testing a script for OEM 12c emcli.

Error: The command name “set_target_property_value” is not a recognized command.
Run the “help” command for a list of recognized commands.
You may also need to run the “sync” command to synchronize with the current OMS.

Everything looked correct, I even copied and pasted the from the documentation (insert joke about documentation here), but no avail. I then took the advice of the error message and ran the “help” command.

As you can see, that was no help. On a whim, I decided to try the next suggestion and run the “sync” command.

[oracle@kappa bin]$ ./emcli sync
Error: Session expired. Run emcli login to establish a session.

Interesting … Session expired. Okay let’s login.

[oracle@kappa bin]$ ./emcli login -username=sysman
Enter password

Login successful

Well, what do you know? Now I am sure it tells us to login somewhere, and I just missed it. So if you are like me, hopefully this will get you over the hurdle 🙂

Now I’m getting “Error: Invalid target type in record:”

… but I can deal with that issue.


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