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SSH Into the Oracle Database Cloud Service

One of the things that make us feel comfortable when working with a database is the ability to ssh into the server, connect to the database, and use sqlplus or sqlcl to interact with the database. You might not know it, but even though the Oracle Database Cloud Service is a PaaS solution, you still …

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My Cloud Services DBaaS: Configuring the Oracle Cloud Database Service

My Cloud Services DBaaS I went ahead and jumped on the bandwagon and signed up for my very own Oracle Cloud Services Account. They make it too easy, so let’s jump right in and create a new Database Service. Obviously you will need to sign-up and get an account, which can be done right here: Cloud …

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Connecting ODI 12c to Oracle Public Cloud (OPC)

Connecting ODI 12c to the Oracle Public Cloud Recently I had the opportunity to subscribe to the Oracle Public Cloud DBaaS, and since I’ve been working with ODI 12c in my test lab, what better thing to do than explore some opportunities to utilize these two technologies. This post will cover the steps necessary to …