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Reject Malformed Email Using Check Constraints with REGEXP_LIKE function

Using Check Constraints with Regular Expressions was something I just wanted to experiment with. Turns out they can be effective. The example here will address a common problem when requesting information from a user. One can argue that the this type of check should be done at the application layer and not the database layer, …

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Oracle Data Integrator User Functions with Regular Expressions and Dropped Square Brackets

Just the other day I described how you can use Regular Expressions Functions with Oracle Data Integrator. Well that was only part of the story.  Immediately after that post went out, I had several notes from people who are way smarter than me say “put that in an ODI User Function for reusability”.  This post …

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Pattern Matching – Regular Expressions Part 2: REGEXP_LIKE

Last month, I gave a general overview of the Pattern Matching in Regular Expressions. This post will introduce the regular expression function: REGEXP_LIKE in the Oracle Database.  Let’s get started. What is a Regular Expression Function? Regular Expression Functions in a nutshell are A set of SQL functions used to search and manipulate strings using Regular …