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Let The Games Begin! – #Kscope14

We kicked off KScope 14 with a great Community Service event with the Nature Consortium.  If you saw my tweet earlier, we HANDLED that Himalayan Blackberry.  I’ve got some of that stuff or a very close relative growing in my back yard, so I felt really good pulling that stuff out.  Not to be beat …

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Monitoring Windows Services – The quick and dirty way

You’ve probably heard me mention that I don’t like for my users to be my “system unavailable” alerts.  I want to know as soon as, if not before, they do.  The challenge is how to monitor these service states (Discoverer, Hyperion, Informatica, and Glassfish) on Windows boxes in the absence of some tool I have …

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Hyperion Implementation is Difficult

You would not believe the number of times I’ve heard that.  Every conference and product demo I went to.  This was a common sentiment.  To be honest, it is, but not impossible.  By following some simple yet important considerations, you can have a successful Hyperion implementation. Define Requirements Why are we doing this and what …