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Using Shell Scripts as Concurrent Programs in EBS

Using Shell Scripts as Concurrent Programs in EBS Recently, I started looking at way to address a scheduling problem when moving files associated with our business partners. We currently have a three step process: Schedule a Concurrent Program to produce a file Set up a cronjob to schedule a shell script to move and archive …

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Monitoring Windows Services – The quick and dirty way

You’ve probably heard me mention that I don’t like for my users to be my “system unavailable” alerts.  I want to know as soon as, if not before, they do.  The challenge is how to monitor these service states (Discoverer, Hyperion, Informatica, and Glassfish) on Windows boxes in the absence of some tool I have …

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AT&T Wireless Home Phone (Nothing to do with Oracle Stuff)

I was in the AT&T store recently helping my dad pick out a new iPhone when I came across the AT&T Wireless Home Phone system. It’s that little box right with the antennae (obviously I got one). Pros: it’s portable (I can take this device with me and connect to any regular phone), it can …