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Georgia Oracle Users Group – Reboot

Looking for an Oracle User Group home in Atlanta? I want to re-introduce everyone to the Georgia Oracle Users Group (GaOUG).  For over 20 years, this group has been laser focused on supporting the DBA community in the metro Atlanta area by hosting monthly educational meetings where individuals, both members and non-members presented on topics of …

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Oracle Data Integrator User Functions with Regular Expressions and Dropped Square Brackets

Just the other day I described how you can use Regular Expressions Functions with Oracle Data Integrator. Well that was only part of the story.  Immediately after that post went out, I had several notes from people who are way smarter than me say “put that in an ODI User Function for reusability”.  This post …

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Regular Expressions Functions with Oracle Data Integrator

Starting with Oracle database 10gR1, 4 Regular Expression functions were introduced that you can use in SQL and PL/SQL statements. This post will illustrate how to use the REGEXP_REPLACE function in a flat file to Oracle database mapping using ODI. The beauty of the ODI implementation is that it takes advantage of the technology within the target …