Month: October 2014

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Data Security with VPD in Oracle EBS

Enhance data security by using VPD and EBS Profile Options to prevent viewing of sensitive data.  In this example we will look at blocking employee SSN or National Identifier, as they are called in EBS, in PER_ALL_PEOPLE_F .  As most people familiar with Oracle EBS know, there are a number of delivered views that have embedded security.  Take …

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Oracle ACE: What’s In It for Me?

Earlier this year I was honored by being awarded the Oracle ACE Associate designation.  After almost a year, I continue to get similar questions from coworkers, friends, and members of the public and private sector. “What’s do you get for being an ACE?”  My response is simple.  I get recognized by the community for doing …

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Oracle Open World 2014 in Review

Oracle Open World 2014 in Review Oracle Open World was such a blur. This conference completely shuts down a section of San Francisco to the residents as 60,000+ attendees descend upon the Moscone Center.  The logistics and planning behind this event are phenomenal.  Hey Oracle, can you offer a behind the scenes pass next year?  …