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Oracle Database 12cR2 Introduces 128 Byte Identifiers

Oracle Database 12cR2 Introduces 128 byte Identifiers. Let’s take a look at a simple Table and Column name example:     If only this were available sooner … like 6 months ago (On-Prem of course). In 12cR2, the new Identifier length limit is now 128 bytes. ┬áThe 30 character limit on object names made it …

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Use SQL Developer to Create a PDB – Database 12cR2

Continuing along with the release of 12cR2, let’s quickly look at creating a PDB in the database. Now that we have a database installed fire up one of my favorite tools, SQL Developer and let’s get to work. Note: These steps have not change from 12cR1, but maybe you haven’t seen that process either.   …

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Installing Oracle Database 12cR2 on Linux 7.3

What do you do when Oracle releases the long awaited 12cR2 version of the database? You download it and install it. So let’s get started. Visit the Oracle Download site and download the version 12cR2 of the database. This time it’s just a single zip file. So grab that and unzip it in a directory …