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Configure NFS on Oracle Linux 6.6

fileshareConfigure NFS on Oracle Linux 6.6

I started taking a class yesterday and volunteered to help figure out how to share directories between linux machines on the same network. I decided to make it a blog post. First let’s get it straight that I am not a Linux Admin or anything like that so this will be the layman’s approach to sharing a source directory across linux boxes on the same network.

Running Oracle Linux 6.6, login using an account with root privs or su –

If you don’t know your computer name or ip address —
cat /etc/hosts {record your computer specific information. my computer ip:}

Install nfs {run this step on all machines}
yum install nfs* -y

Start nfs services
service nfs start

———File server—————
Create a group to own the source directory and files
groupadd -g 1000 softwareinst

Create a source directory and grant appropriate permissions to the group
mkdir -p /oracle_install
chgrp softwareinst /oracle_install
chmod g+s /oracle_install
chmod -R 777 /oracle_install

Add the source directory to the /etc/exports file. {This file might not exist. It is OK to create this file}
vi /etc/exports
i {insert}
/oracle_install {use your ip address info}

Reload the NFS configuration
exportfs -ra

Ensure that the nfs services start up after a reboot
chkconfig nfs on
chkconfig rpcbind on

You have now completed the server side configuration
Copy your source files and directories into /oracle_install

On your client machine, create and mount the network drive
mkdir -p /oraclesw/install
mount -t nfs -o rw /oraclesw/install

Add this mount point to the /etc/fstab file
hostname:/oracle_install /oraclesw/install nfs
This should allow you to mount this remote directory by typing the following:
mount /oraclesw/install


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