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Georgia Oracle Users Group – Reboot

logoLooking for an Oracle User Group home in Atlanta? I want to re-introduce everyone to the Georgia Oracle Users Group (GaOUG).  For over 20 years, this group has been laser focused on supporting the DBA community in the metro Atlanta area by hosting monthly educational meetings where individuals, both members and non-members presented on topics of interest. This model, while done with relative success, left a hole in Atlanta’s Oracle community. As technologies were improved and introduced by Oracle, there was a need to engage a new demographic. After adding some new members to Board of Directors, the GaOUG did a reboot in February of 2015.

What we are doing?

  • Changing the Model: We stopped the monthly meetings in favor of quarterly. This allowed us to build a pipeline of presenters instead of exhausting them month after month.
  • Location location location: We move the meeting locations around the City allowing the diverse user community more location friendly venues. If you have ever driven in Atlanta, you know the traffic here SUCKS!
  • Food & Drink: No more pizza … okay less pizza. The new venues added new dining opportunities and beverage options. (PSA: Drink responsibly)
  • Expanding the Content: Offer a variety of topics to attract a more diverse group. There is so much out there in the Oracle ecosystem.  We have experts in the Data Integration, Enterprise Management, Business Intelligence, and Application Development to mention a few.
  • Take Advantage of your Members: That sounds funny, but we are fortunate enough to have a several Oracle ACEs in the Atlanta area. Here’s a hint: Use them!! They are community activists and evangelists. They like this stuff.

What’s Happening Now?

  • Successfully hosted two “symposiums.”
    • Evolving Databases w/ Tom Kyte, Kerry Osborne, & Alex Gorbachev
      • Topics: Database 12c, In Memory, and Hadoop
    • Database Developers w/ Dan McGhan, Stewart Bryson, Bobby Curtis
      • Topics: APEX, Node.js, Metadata Management, Golden Gate
  • Planning future events
  • Accurate tracking of membership
  • Developing sponsor relationships
  • Possible re-introduction monthly meeting in a MeetUp style
  • Defining and filling Board of Director positions
  • Web site redesign
  • Archiving Presentations for the membership

So, if you are in the Atlanta area, and are looking for an Oracle User Group, come check out the Georgia Oracle Users Group.

If you want to keep up with what’s going on, you can follow @GAOUG_ORG.  Other users to follow: @stewartbryson @dbasolved and @dbcapoeira

Look for more to come as this User Group gets it going.


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