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Python Abort trap: 6 fix after #Catalina update

A couple of days ago, I update my MacOS to Catalina and immediately after that, all the Snowflake scripts I wrote in #Python started returning an Abort trap: 6 error. My initial thought was something must be a compatibility issue with either the python connector or new default terminal shell zsh. Fortunately I was wrong, but here is what I found and how i was able to do get my Python scripts running again.  –Oh Happy Days.

Why is this happening
The error seems to be related to Catalina not allowing un-versioned dylibs to be called. Let’s shortcut this by linking the un-versioned dylib files to those with versions. Here’s the fix that worked for me.

The Fix

A google search led me here:

From you terminal we need to run a few update using brew.

Once the updates are complete, execute the following steps


My more specific issue

More specifically for me, was ensuring the Snowflake Python Connector was functioning properly, so I also did a pip3 upgrade of that as well:

After skipping several modules that didn’t need any updates, we got to the a few updates from some files that are associated with crypto:

“Successfully installed asn1crypto-1.2.0 oscrypto-1.1.0 snowflake-connector-python-2.0.3”

After this, all is well …. so far 😉

Hope this helps!


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