TimesTen: Failed to retrieve IP address of the system


In my quest to understand TimesTen a bit more, I built a VM with VirtualBox, OL 6.5, and TimesTen 11.2.2. I verified that I could connect to TimesTen from the VM instance, but when I tried to connect to the TimesTen database from my host (MacBook Pro), I received the following error:

I even tried to connect using SQL Developer and encountered the same error:

TimesTen Error 1

TimesTen error 2

Here process I went through to finally fix this problem.

Verify that the Server Port 53397 is correct:

The guest VM responded to ping so I know that the host can “see” the VM.

Since this is running on my laptop, I don’t really care about the fire wall so I turned that off:

Finally I checked the /etc/hosts file on the guest VM, and there it was, I had not added the server name to the hosts file:

Added the following line to my /etc/hosts file: timesten.localdomain ttvm

Tried to connect to the TimesTen database again:

And finally a check with SQL Developer

TimesTen Connected

There you have it.dbaOnTap

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