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SQL Developer with Oracle TimesTen ttStats


I’ve had the opportunity to work on with the TimesTen database on the Oracle Exalytics platform, and once again I got to use my favorite tool to make life so much easier. If you’ve ever used TimesTen, then the ttIsql command line should be familiar to you. In this post, I’ll show you how to use SQL Developer to produce a kinda AWR in TimesTen.

The first thing we want to do is build us a cron job that will capture some system snapshots. ┬áIn this example let’s do this every 15 minutes:

# Capture performance snapshots every 15 minutes and cleanup snapshots older than 3 days

*/15 * * * * /server/exalytics/TimesTen/datastore/bin/ttisql -v 0 -e “CALL TT_STATS.CAPTURE_SNAPSHOT(‘TYPICAL’);CALL TT_STATS.DROP_SNAPSHOTS_RANGE(sysdate-365, sysdate-3);exit;” datastore >> /sever/exalytics/cron.log 2>&1

Now that we have this running connect to the TimesTen database with SQL Developer.

  • Right click the connection name
  • Select TimesTen Performance Metrics
  • Click Report


As you can see once you click Report, you will get a list of the Snapshots available for SQL Developer to use in generating the report.

  • Select 2 Snapshots to define the report range
  • Click Generate report


There you have it. An html based AWR like report from TimesTen. You can save this file and review later.



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