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OOW15 Brain dump

Brain-DumpMy OOW15 Brain dump

I’m finally back to a point where I can write a few blog posts after OOW15.  If you didn’t attend Oracle Open World this year, I have one word for you, “CLOUD”.

Here is your obligatory OOW15 infographic.

Larry opened by presenting Oracle’s journey down the “as a Service” path covering SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. He then got into the meat of the presentation.

Six Design Goals for Cloud from Larry’s Keynote:

  • Security – Always on.
  • Cost – Beat or match AWS. Lowest TCO.
  • Reliability – Fault Tolerant and no single point of failure
  • Performance – Fastest database, middleware, analytics, etc
  • Standards – Linux, SQL, Hadoop, Java, …, NoSQL
  • Compatibility – Easily move workloads between on-premise and Cloud.

Some notable quotes:

“Just forget disk were ever invented”
“On premise computing is not going to vanish”
“The lower you push security down the better off you are”

My Hangouts for the most part…

The exhibit hall: was full of vendors touting their solutions. Everything ways to “let us be your datacenter”, to half a dozen ways to virtualize your environment.

Networking Events: ODTUG, ACE Dinner, OEM, Accenture, ODTUG Database Community, APEX meetup, and RedPill & Pythian Party.

What did I find interesting?

Those guys that work on SQL Developer and SQL Developer Data Modeler have been doing some tremendous things with that tool. SQLcl comes to mind, and you can check out ThatJeffSmith for the details. We even saw Larry use SQL Developer in a demo. So go download the latest version of SQL Developer and take a look at SQLcl.  I think you’ll like it.

APEX 5 is looking good and so far I’ve only heard good things about the Universal Theme. It’s a fantastic Application Development Tool that sits right in the Oracle database.  It’s relatively simple to configure so take APEX 5 for a spin. Cheap Celebrex online is a non-steroidal medication. It works by modifying the hormone levels in the blood, minimizing pain and providing efficient anti-inflammatory action. Therefore, it is successfully used to treat chronic inflammatory processes, as well as acute pain.

Somewhere in the middle of all this, as an Oracle ACE, several of us took a quick dip in the Cloud. Here is short video (turn your volume down).

Oracle also released couple of products that I was interested in around this time as well:
Golden Gate Studio
OBIEE 12.2.1
ODI 12.2.1

The best part

Community. OOW is one of the few times a year that we get to connect with old friends and meet new ones from across the globe (Twitter handles with links to their blogs).

@ThatJeffSmith – Jeff @dbakevlar – Kellyn @OracleNerd – Chet @sspendol – Scott
@dschleis – David @Mike_ODTUG – Mike @OracleBase – Tim @mdwidlake – Martin
@debralilley – Debra @MartinDBA – Martin @fritshoogland – Frits @OsamaOracle – Osama
@rene_ace – Rene @krisrice Kris @brost – Bjorn @StewAshton – Stewart
@galobalda – Galo @KentGraziano – Kent @CameronLackpour – Cameron @rimblas – Jorge
@CRuepprich – Christoph @JeromeFr – Jerome @mRainey – Michael @FreakyAvatar – Holger
@gurcan_orhan – Gurcan

There are so many more.

Finally, thanks to @ODTUG for allowing me to serve as it’s OOW15 Content Chair. What a fun experience.

BTW, did I say CLOUD!


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