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It’s Out! #SQLDeveloper v4.1 EA1

sqldev41Earlier today, I saw a few hints that we might need to check out the SQL Developer Download page.  Finally having a chance to check, yep there is was, the long awaited SQL Dev v4.1 EA1.  Now please be aware that this is and Early Adopter release. This version also requires that you have JDK 8 which you can download here. I will caution you now to do all this on a test system or at least something that won’t be impacted by the Java update.


I’ve just installed it and will play with some more in a few days.  A quick look at the built-in reports I did see at least one new report right here under Database Administration -> Alert Log


If you want to see something cool, check out the DB Instance View screenshot below.

dbstats_viewThis is a new screen you can get to from the DBA View and it give you a good bit of insight into the database.  Of course, you will need to connect with a user that has the proper privs to generate this information.  If I log into my 11g instance with the HR user, I get this:

dbstats_view_HRNot much help here, but then again it shouldn’t be.

If you want to check this out yourself, it’s easy.  Just add the DBA view, expand Database Status, and click on DB Instance.

DBA_ViewOne odd thing I did notice, was that when executing this view, my SQL Developer GUI text got really small and I had to restart SQL Dev to restore the font size.

I’ve seen this product since version 3.2 and new releases continue to get better and offer new functionality.  Kudos to the team working this.  Keep up the good work!


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