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SQL Developer Database Copy: I Really Like This Tool!

SQL Developer Database Copy

Recently, my team has been involved in a pretty detailed migration from a Development Instance to our QA instance prior to a final promotion to Production.  In the past, some of the team members were moving PL/SQL packages between instances by doing this:

  1. Opening them up
  2. Copying to the clipboard
  3. Open window in the target instance and schema
  4. Paste from clipboard
  5. Recompile

If you don’t know, I like using tools the way they were meant to be used. That said, I had the opportunity to show two really cool features of SQL Developer to a colleague.

While it seems like a bit much, you have the ability to select specific database characteristics.  Here is a basic example of what I am talking about:


Launch the Database Copy Wizard

SQL Developer Database Copy















Select the Source and Destination Database Instances

SQL Developer Database Copy - Choose Instances














Choose the Object Type(s) you want to copy to the next instance

SQL Developer Database Copy - Choose Object Types














Select the targeted objects

SQL Developer Database Copy - Select Objects














Review the Summary Screen (If I were migrating a TABLE, the Specify Data screen would be next)

SQL Developer Database Copy - Summary













Click the Finish button, and SQL Developer will migrate those objects and produce a log file.

SQL Developer Database Copy - log


Once my colleague saw this, he said “I really like this tool! SQL Developer.”  I then went on to show him Database Diff … but I’ll save that for later.











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