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My Cloud Services DBaaS: Configuring the Oracle Cloud Database Service

My Cloud Services DBaaS I went ahead and jumped on the bandwagon and signed up for my very own Oracle Cloud Services Account. They make it too easy, so let’s jump right in and create a new Database Service. Obviously you will need to sign-up and get an account, which can be done right here: Cloud …

12cR2, Oracle

Use SQL Developer to Create a PDB – Database 12cR2

Continuing along with the release of 12cR2, let’s quickly look at creating a PDB in the database. Now that we have a database installed fire up one of my favorite tools, SQL Developer and let’s get to work. Note: These steps have not change from 12cR1, but maybe you haven’t seen that process either.   …

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PL/SQL Instrumentation: Installing Logger

If you are writing PL/SQL, the open source tool Logger, started by Tyler Muth and now owned and maintained by Martin D’Souza is instrumental in error identification and debugging. While I am sure that there are other resources that can provide the same information, this post will show you how to get Logger installed and …

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OEM13c Roles and AD Groups

Managing OEM13c Roles and AD Groups. In my last post, we explored how to enable LDAP (using Windows Active Directory) authentication within OEM 13c. Now that we can centrally manage basic user access to OEM, we need to apply some security constraints around these users.   If you are familiar with Active Directory (AD), then …

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OEM 13c and LDAP Authentication

Using LDAP to provide Oracle Enterprise Manager authentication was quite an interesting task. The biggest challenge was finding resources that did a decent job of mapping the elements of an LDAP tree to where Enterprise Manager needed them. I could find stuff about LDAP and then stuff about OEM, but never together in a way …

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#KScope16 Blog Hop: EPM Sessions Not To Miss

Kscope 16 EPM Sessions You Don’t Want To Miss. It’s that time of year again. #Kscope16 is upon us and there are so many excellent sessions it will be tough to make it to everything I want to attend. Therefore this year, being someone who’s aligned with the Traditional side which includes APEX, Database and …


TimesTen: Parallel Thread Reads from Checkpoint Files – More is not always better

I wanted to get around to to some performance improvements with Oracle TimesTen Database. As you know, the Oracle TimesTen database creates a checkpoint file for persistence of the In-Memory database. In the event you need to load the database into memory, depending upon the size of the checkpoint, this can take some time. In …


TimesTen: Failed to retrieve IP address of the system

In my quest to understand TimesTen a bit more, I built a VM with VirtualBox, OL 6.5, and TimesTen 11.2.2. I verified that I could connect to TimesTen from the VM instance, but when I tried to connect to the TimesTen database from my host (MacBook Pro), I received the following error:

I even tried …

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Oracle TimesTen not using Large Pages

 Oracle TimesTen Database, was not using Huge/Large pages. Well at least when I executed a ttStatus command, I saw the following: Shared Memory KEY 0x0c0504dd ID 1838710795 (LOCKED) when I expected to see Shared Memory KEY 0x0c0504dd ID 1838710795 (Large Pages,LOCKED)

My ttendaemon.options file was configured correctly (see snippet below): -linuxLargePageAlignment 2

Memory …