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Database Objects Compare: Grants, Types, and Owners

On Tap for Today: I had a chance to have a little fun today browsing these database tables: sys.obj$, sys.objauth$, sys.user$, and table_privilege_map. This last migration, the result of at least two other blogs posts, has forced me to think about how we do object migrations.  It’s one of the few times that we had …

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Story by a non-DBA: Database Migration with SQLDev EA1 v4.0

It’s been a while, but this 20 minutes turned 8 hour project was a lot of fun.  It just kept getting better and better.  Today boy and girls, I’m gonna take you through my process of migrating a MSSQL database to Oracle.  Let get stated. So, before we had Oracle EBS 11i (2008), there was …