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Oracle DB12c on OL7 with Virtual Box 5 installation issues

As usual, I’m goofing off in my home Data Center (riiiiight), and I decide to install Oracle Linux 7 and the 12c Database. While not concerning myself with what’s on the Compatibility Matrix, I go ahead and start up Virtual Box 5 (recently released) and install my O/S. ┬áNo problem there so, I’m thinking everything …

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Configure NFS on Oracle Linux 6.6

Configure NFS on Oracle Linux 6.6 I started taking a class yesterday and volunteered to help figure out how to share directories between linux machines on the same network. I decided to make it a blog post. First let’s get it straight that I am not a Linux Admin or anything like that so this …

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Using Shell Scripts as Concurrent Programs in EBS

Using Shell Scripts as Concurrent Programs in EBS Recently, I started looking at way to address a scheduling problem when moving files associated with our business partners. We currently have a three step process: Schedule a Concurrent Program to produce a file Set up a cronjob to schedule a shell script to move and archive …